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Exercise that mind

Source | LinkedIn | Kumar Akash | Begin with the End in Mind for high-quality software development – “Quality over Quantity”

I learnt one awesome thing while reading a book i.e. I am having great potential, but my mind plays a vital role in bringing it out! The only way I can exercise my mind is by studying observing.

No matter how gifted I am, how studious I am will determines how colorful my life will be. My mental capacity is so broad that it can accommodate and process almost any information but until I do a mental workout, it would remain ordinary.

“I am sure we all know about Newton’s law of gravity. When the apple fell on his head, he exercised his mind & thought why the apple fell all the way to the ground and didn’t stop mid-air. That is how the law of gravity was discovered.”

Exercising your mind is the gateway to outstanding discoveries! Great inventions are made by those who meditate on the “seemingly” normal circumstances.

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