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Experts Explain Why You’re So Annoyed With Everything Lately

Your body’s capacity to adapt may be overextended

By | Kaitlyn Wylde |

Maggie*, 32, lived happily with her partner for over seven years, after getting married in 2013. Things have changed since those halcyon, pre-pandemic days, she says.

“We are definitely no longer in the honeymoon stage,” she tells Bustle. “Lately, I’ve been getting mad because my husband uses too many cups and leaves them out,” she says. She realizes they shouldn’t be bickering about something “insignificant,” but that even a seeming nonissue like stray dishes “feels like too much to handle right now.”

Aly*, 29, similarly finds herself “unreasonably” annoyed with her partner, six months into isolation. “The other day I got so angry at how loud he sneezed while I was on an important call, and it bled into me being annoyed at him all night,” she tells Bustle.

Six months into the pandemic, the novelty of holing up with a partner, best friend, or Craigslist roommate has long since worn off. The phenomenon has been described as a “pressure cooker” — tensions that lay under the surface of a relationship come to the forefront, either enriching your bond with your housemate or turning you against each other. Back in March, patients of psychologist Jeffrey Rubin, Ph.D., shared they wanted to use lockdown to get closer to their quaran-teammates. Now, he says, many report they can no longer stand each other.

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