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Experts Say Listen, Don’t Micromanage In Time Of Crisis

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In our new reality, many teams are working from home. Managers who have not established a culture of trust before the pandemic may be struggling now that their employees are out of sight.  Nervous managers may feel the need to establish rules to ensure that their employees are working hard and not taking advantage of the lack of supervision to catch up on Netflix, play with the kids or get some exercise. However, experts warn against micromanaging in this time of crisis and instead tout the importance of truly listening to employees. 

Employment lawyer Ariel Weindling is all too familiar with managing employee problems. His company, #NotMe, was designed to allow users to report and communicate with their employer about issues of misconduct. Weindling says that strong company culture is key when employees are no longer present in the office.

Develop A Culture Of Trust

“For the past two to three years, everybody has been speaking about culture and what it means to take care of your employees,” says Weindling. But he adds that the employees can tell if their company was merely providing lip service or if they are truly good corporate citizens.   Those that were sincere about developing a culture of trust with employees will fare better during the pandemic. “In a time of crisis, we are going to see what culture means. It’s going to put company culture to a very strong test. Companies that have not fostered a true culture that is centered around the respect and the individual needs of the employee will have an uphill battle now that their workforce is remote.”

While those companies who have already established a culture of trust will fare better when the employees are working remotely, it’s not too late for those who are lagging behind. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that managers can take to make their culture more transparent and create more trust in this urgent time.

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