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An Extra Hour of Sleep Can Boost Your Salary: Studies Reveal

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You had a severely restless night. Needless to say, the very next day you will be struggling to concentrate at work.

However, lack of sleep can have an impact on your annual salary package as well. Surprised? Well, yes. A recent study conducted in the US revealed that getting more sleep can boost your annual salary by at least 5%.

Researchers at Williams College in Massachusetts and the University of California conducted a survey in the US and found that getting an extra hour of sleep can have a long-term impact on your salary that can shoot up by at least 5% annually.

So if you live in a region where the sun sets earlier, you should be richer. But, this goes against conventional economics. Each extra hour of sleep should ideally take away from working time. So how can more sleep add on to your bank balance?

The answer is productivity. The research confirmed if employed professionals go to work after a good night’s rest, they are livelier, happier and also energetic. Experts opine that the biggest effects are usually reflected on employees who work on commission.

Even small amounts of being sleep deprived can have huge effects on an individual’s performance. Another study found that sleeping for at least six-to-seven hours at night for two weeks’ at a stretch; it produced same results in cognitive tests as being completely sleep-deprived for up to two days’ at a stretch. Experts also observed; an afternoon power nap can work wonders in boosting an individual’s productivity at workplace.


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