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EY Internship Incorporates Metaverse | Kathy Gurchiek

​Accounting major Soo Bean Park was among the 2,600 interns who stepped into EY’s metaverse to complete challenges that ranged from designing sneakers to navigating a virtual scavenger hunt.

“WeVerse,” an online metaverse experience launched this year, is a way to educate interns on the global accounting consultancy’s culture, purpose and values in a fun and memorable way, said Domhnaill Hernon, EY’s global Metaverse Labs lead. For example, the scavenger hunt connected participants to EY’s core values as they solved riddles and searched for hidden keys. A garden-themed challenge, called “Rooted in Purpose,” was an opportunity for participants how to create a personal statement that resonated with others.

“Our interns are mainly Gen Z, which means they have a larger comfort [level] with playing online games,” Hernon said. WeVerse “meets them where they are and the need for them to interact with the world” by engaging in fun, immersive experiences.

The weeklong Kicks Challenge that Park participated in, for example, fostered creativity, curiosity and teamwork as interns designed their own sneaker. The winning design was mass-produced and given to the 2023 summer intern cohort.

The WeVerse, said Ginnie Carlier, EY’s Americas vice chair, talent, is a way to excite interns about EY, “giving them a flavor of our values, our purpose, in an interactive way.”

EY may be onto something. Generation Z members and Millennials have the highest technology and digital experience…

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