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EY research reveals less than half of full-time workers surveyed globally trust their employer, boss or colleagues a great deal

Source | EY

EY released new Global Generations 3.0 research today that found less than half of full-time workers surveyed globally between the ages of 19-68, in eight countries, place a “great deal of trust” in their employer, boss, or colleagues. A separate EY survey of Generation Z, ages 16-18, found that the top factors global respondents say are “very important” in trusting an employer are provides “equal opportunity for pay and promotion” and “opportunities to learn and advance in my career.”

  • Globally, the factor most frequently cited as “very important” in determining trust in an employer is “delivers on promises.” For Gen Z respondents, it’s a tie between “equal opportunity for pay and promotion” and “opportunities to learn and advance in my career.”
  • Gen X was the generation least likely to place a “great deal of trust” in their current employer.
  • Full-time workers surveyed in India, Mexico and Brazil are among the most likely to place “a great deal of trust” in their current employer and those in Japan, the UK and US are the least likely.
  • Among respondents ages 19-68 that place “very little” to “no trust” in their current employer, the top four factors that contribute to this lack of trust are tied to compensation –including “equal opportunity for pay and promotion”– along with “lack of strong leadership,” “too much employee turnover”, and “not fostering a collaborative work environment.”
  • About a third of global respondents employed full-time don’t expect to get a raise or bonus this year with the highest percentage of these respondents in Germany, Japan, the UK and the US. In most countries a higher percentage of women than men don’t expect to get a raise/bonus in 2016.
  • Respondents with a low level of trust in their company said it would majorly influence them to look for another job (42%), work only the minimum number of hours required (30%) and be less engaged/productive (28%).

“The purpose of this research is to present a global snapshot of the state of trust in the workplace today as well as to gain meaningful insight into what people around the world consider most important,” said Karyn Twaronite, EY Global Diversity & Inclusiveness Officer. “Giving individuals a forum to voice their opinions on what factors truly influence their level of trust in an employer, boss or team, not only helps guide us as we continue to build a culture that is more inclusive of all views and differences, but also helps pave the way for us to be more progressive as modern trustworthy organizations, well into the future.”

The online survey of over 9,800 full-time workers, age 19-68, at companies of varying sizes in eight countries, explored a wide variety of areas including: trust in employers, bosses, and teams as well as factors behind trust, and lack of trust, in the workplace. The EY study included a sidebar survey of Generation Z, or 3,207 teens age 16-18, regarding what trust factors were important for them, who they will trust the most when making decisions about their first full-time employer, and what impact their parents’ or guardians’ work experience has had on Gen Z. Both surveys were conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of EY in the US, Germany, Japan, China, Mexico, Brazil, India and the UK. The main survey of respondents ages 19-68 includes analysis of key findings by geography, generation, gender, and parent status. The survey of Gen Z includes analysis by gender and geography.

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