Failed In 8th Standard, This 23-Year-Old Owns A Company That You And I Could Only Dream Of.

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Parents are the first and continuing educators of their children. It is their encouragement at home and involvement in schooling that shapes the kind of education a child gets.

Sadly, most Indian parents don’t get (or believe in) it. They see our society as a competitive one and want their children to put in their best efforts; which is not bad in any sense.

However, what’s bad is the pressure that they unknowingly start putting on the child. They expect them to perform their best in schools, get themselves admitted in ‘reputed’ colleges and then marry someone of their choice. All of this, sometimes, makes growing up hard for the child.


It is, in fact, a very common sight in the Indian society to see parents have certain aspirations for their children. But when they fail to deliver on those aspirations, parents don’t handle it in the best of ways.

However, that’s not the case with 23-year-old Trishneet Arora!

This lad is one of the youngest ethical cyber security experts in the country and is the founder of TAC Security Solutions. His story was recently covered by Humans Of Bombay where Trishneet spoke on how his parents were a big support in making him the man he is today.

Here’s what he said:

“As a child, I would enjoy opening up toys and gadgets to see how they work internally as opposed to playing with them. When we got a computer at home — I became obsessed. My passion grew from playing computer games like Vice City to understanding the hardware of the system. My father became worried when he saw me being on the computer for hours on end— he tried putting a password but by the end of the day I had figured out a way to bypass it.”

“Eventually he moved from being annoyed to impressed and ended up buying me a new system! Whenever our system needed fixing, I would watch the expert closely and within a few short weeks I had networked two computers myself. If there was any machine that needed fixing, my neighbours would come to me— and I was so young!”


“Given that I was so consumed by this world of computers…I failed the 8th standard. I just didn’t understand History and Geography


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