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Source | LinkedIn : By V. Aswatha Ramaiah

Here are some of my quotes on the importance of family life:

  • There is no point in being an intellectual giant at your workplace and an emotional pigmy at home.
  • In our over indulgence with FILE in our workplace (ie. files of papers , files in computer etc), let’s not forget to lead an enjoyable LIFE (Incidentally, the letters in the words FILE and LIFE are the same)
  • What’s the use of installing State-of-The-Art technology at workplace if you don’t/can’t speak Straight-From-your-Heart to your spouse?
  • Profession and you: Instead of being only ‘Mad with each other’ (ie. Profession and you), lead a family life in which you and your spouse are ‘MADE for each other’
  • Due to WRINKLE in your forehead (due to work pressure), don’t forget to notice the DIMPLE on your wife’s cheeks!
  • A Domestic Disharmony can lead to a Corporate Calamity!
  • There is no point in being very popular in the world outside, but a stranger to your spouse.
  • Now-a-days, if you are not concerned with the WELFARE of your spouse, he/she may bid FAREWELL to you!
  • The secret of a happy family life has always remained a secret .You, with your spouse, need crack the secret.
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