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Welcome to Farsight – where we focus on the long term benefit of your company by delivering top notch HR and Payroll software solutions. With our unique and innovative approach, we are enabling businesses to benefit from powerful solutions that are cost-effective and easy to configure, manage, and implement into your business.

A competent development team creating competent solutions.
Behind Farsight stands a team of excellent and expertise. We are software developers with experience in the HR industry so we combine our knowledge from both sides to deliver the best solutions. We are here to make HR successful and streamlined for you.

Over the years, one of the facts we have understood about HR is that it isn’t easy to manage in itself but it can be simplified and streamlined through advanced technology and innovation. All we need is simple solutions to streamline complex HR management and the result is incredible. We always keep this in mind when we innovate and develop your solutions for you – you can trust our approach and mindset to be a reliable one.

Making HR smarter and more efficient than ever.
Farsight is proud to serve a variety of businesses of all sizes with its remarkably advanced software solutions. We are making human resources management smarter and more efficient than ever by targeting all fields including recruitment, absence management, employee records, performance tracking, and much more.

  • 100K+ Happy Users
    Many aspects of computing and rechnology and the term is more recognizable than before.
  • 350+ Happy Customers
    Many aspects of computing and rechnology and the term is more recognizable than before.
  • 15+ HR Processes
    Many aspects of computing and rechnology and the term is more recognizable than before.
  • 20+ Industries
    Many aspects of computing and rechnology and the term is more recognizable than before.

Farsight was established with the mission to stand out as a software solutions company that would be simultaneously cost-effective and top quality. Typically, HR management systems are either costly or low quality if they are affordable, without offering benefits like flexibility, scalability, easy management, etc. As software developers with an extensive background based in HR and Payroll, we became passionate about providing solutions that would neither compromise on quality nor on affordability. Regardless of what size business you have or what industry you belong to, make your HR management and performance reach its highest potential. Get started with Farsight today. Learn more by contacting us now.

We seamlessly merge two key components – economics and information technology.

  • Intelligent

We offer intelligent business tools that can be used individually or combined, based upon your enterprise’s existing technology infrastructure and specific goals.

  • Scalable

Grow at the speed of business by adding the functionality you need when you need it.

  • Synchronized

Our solutions synchronize perfectly, allowing your enterprise to easily streamline processes, align resources and leverage actionable data.

Core HR


Travel & Expense

Time & Attendance

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Learning & Development
  • Help Desk
  • Offboarding
  • Seamless Timesheet Integration
  • Hassle-free Automatic Salary Computation
  • Built-in Payroll Compliance
  • Standard and Custom Reports
  • Travel Plans
  • Advance Workflows
  • Claim Workflows
  • Local Conveyance


  • Track Projects
  • Task Management
  • Timesheet Tracking
  • Shadow Resource Management
  • Budget, Cost & Billing
  • Resource Utilization Report


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