Fashion Faux Pas at the Office: Sarees, Skirts, and Dhotis, Shorts Oh My!

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The choice of attire in an office setting is often influenced by various factors, including professional standards, cultural norms, and practicality. While traditional garments like the dhoti hold cultural significance in certain regions, they may not be commonly worn in formal office environments. Isn’t there a gender discrimination at the work place and this time towards the men.

To the ¬†fashion-forward folks of the corporate world! Today, we tackle a pressing issue that has plagued many a working individual’s mind: the enigmatic dress code! Specifically, why can women get away with wearing sarees and skirts to work while men can’t don dhotis and shorts with the same panache? Let’s delve into this sartorial spectacle and uncover the mysterious rules of workplace fashion!

The Saree Saga:

Ah, the saree, an Indian woman’s elegant secret weapon! Ladies have perfected the art of gracefully maneuvering through the office corridors in yards of fabric, while men can only dream of such freedom. Picture a man trying to navigate cubicles and conference rooms, tripping over his dhoti at every turn. It would be a sight for sore eyes!

Skirting the Issue:

Why is it that women can flaunt skirts while men are bound by the tyranny of trousers? Well, it’s simple: skirts are just too much fun! They allow women to express their vibrant personalities and twirl their way through the day. Alas, society would likely frown upon a man doing a jig in his shorts, attempting to inject some levity into the office routine.

The Double Standard of Dhotis:

Men, we must address the dhoti dilemma. This traditional Indian attire has its own charm and comfort. Unfortunately, when it comes to the workplace, society is still reluctant to embrace the elegance of dhotis on men. Imagine a boardroom meeting where everyone is dressed in suits and ties, and there, in the corner, stands a man in a dhoti, causing a collective gasp! It’s not that we don’t appreciate the dhoti’s sophistication, but let’s be honest, it’s a rather difficult look to pull off in a modern office setting.

Shorts, the Casual Conundrum:

Ah, shorts, the ultimate symbol of relaxation and summer vibes. While women might get away with pairing a flowy sundress with sandals, the poor men have to stick to their long-legged pants regardless of the sweltering heat. Picture a scenario where all the men in the office decide to wear shorts on a hot summer day. Suddenly, it feels more like a beach party than a place of business. Productivity might plummet as everyone tries to resist the temptation to build sandcastles on their desks.

In conclusion, it seems that fashion rules in the workplace are often arbitrary and full of double standards. Women have the liberty to experiment with different styles, while men are confined to the comfort of trousers and suits. So, until the day arrives when the corporate world embraces the dhoti and shorts revolution, let’s revel in the diversity of office fashion and remember, fashion knows no gender!

Republished with permission and originally published at¬†Ramesh Ranjan’s LinkedIn

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