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Fastest Route To C-Suite

By | Adil Malia |

Often and invariably this question gets tossed to me, unabashedly : ….. reveal the fastest route to C-Suite ?

‘Khul ja sim-sim’ – I say in comical indulgence as if a sorcerer was about to disclose his magic. With a deep throated wisdom supported for further grey on my head, I pronounce with aplomb : “E route is the fastest path to C Suite”

There is no Google map to show you the exact destination. E- route is the ‘Engagement’ Route. 5 Types of Engagement if you focus on, chances are you will reach the desired destination. Remember there are 45,163 CEOs in the organised world compared to 40 million people employed (ILO). That is miniscule. So you rather know the tough journey involved and the other hidden random factors of success. But I suggest you embark on the E-path and try your luck to success.

The 5 E- strategies I would suggest :

– Engage With The Strategy

– Engage your full Discretionary Energy to do the job you do, excellently.

– Engage (non- threateningly) & connect with the key people, beginning your Manager and his Boss

– Engage with your team without barriers or power linked ego. Socialise.

– Engage, having done that, further with finding future forward solutions

….and a zillion other things but these I strongly recommend, young leaders to begin with.

“Will I succeed ?” – don’t know.

” Will there be fallouts ?” – certainly.

” Will I find the path?” – You may. You may not. No guarantees.

” Is it as simple as you say only 5 things ?”. Well, not as simple as it may sound.

Embark on the journey and you will soon realise for yourself.

I end up sharing this beautiful ‘sher’ (source unknown to me) which captures mood of the journey the Gen Z and Gen Alpha wish to undertake. Now you decide …

Safr mein dhup to hogee,

Tum chal sako, to chalo …

Sabhi hai bheed mein,

Tum nikal sako, to chalo …

Yahan raasta koee nahi deta,

Mujhey Gira kar agar

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