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Fear holds you back

Source | LinkedIn : By Winston Derosario

Today we seem to be surrounded by fear no matter where you look. For me the fear of flying has limited me from landing on that pictures’ beach which has white sand in New Zealand and enjoy the view of a life time!

I have decided to work on this and as a first step spoken to some fearless people and have come up with the following approach to overcome my fears.

Acknowledge your fear
Be honest with your self and acknowledge you have a fear! Speak to someone who can help you acknowledge this and accept its your FEAR; I spoke to an amazing counselor.

Understand your fear
Try and be rational and approach what you fear with the intent to understand. For me once I realized that flying is one of the safest forms of travel my fear seemed to get better.

Create a plan to fight your fear
After you develop an understand for your fear create a plan to help you over come this. Its not going to be easy.

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