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“Find” a vision. Not “have” a vision.

Source | LinkedIn : By Simon Sinek

For some reason, there is this standard in business that has emerged that we all have to “have” a vision. Some big, bold, change-the-world Steve-Jobsian vision. Not only is that totally unrealistic, it’s a lot of stress for the vast majority of us who aren’t Steve Jobs.

I am more comfortable declaring that we should all find a vision.

There are definitely visionaries out there—people who have a sense of a different future and the ability to express it. If we like their vision, then we can choose to follow them or their vision. Their vision becomes ours and we can use it to navigate our choices.

It is just as inspiring to follow a vision that resonates with us as it is to have our own. Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Thomas Jefferson, Richard Branson, Warren Buffett and Elon Musk all expressed their visions and did things that inspired others to follow them. Some of their followers bought their products. Some of their followers joined their organizations. Some of their followers were simply inspired by one of these leaders and did things to help contribute to the vision. Regardless—all these followers found a vision and chose to follow it. They didn’t have to come up with one themselves.

And here’s the best part—it’s the followers, not the visionary, who bring the vision to life. Visionaries need followers as much as followers need a vision.

So . . . who inspires you?

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