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Find the Top Skills for Almost Any Role with This New Tool

By | Greg Lewis |

Think about how you do your job today: the skills you need, the technology you use, your day-to-day practices. Now think back to 2015 and consider what the job called for back then. If you’re like most people, you’ll find some meaningful differences.

The top skills for a given role have changed by about 25% between 2015 and today and are on pace to shift by about 40% by 2025, according to a recent LinkedIn analysis.  

The short shelf life of skills affects all workers — but it’s particularly important for recruiters and other talent professionals. 

You need a solid understanding of the top skills for a host of roles, not just your own. Whether you’re drafting a job description, identifying internal skills gaps, or planning a learning and development (L&D) program, having an outdated sense of the necessary skills can lead to frustrations and missed opportunities.  

That’s why this new interactive “Future of Skills” data tool from LinkedIn can be so valuable for talent professionals. (Anyone can play around with this tool for free, by the way — you don’t even need a LinkedIn account.) 

Jump over to the “Future of Skills” tool now, or read on to learn how to easily find the top skills for the roles you’re working on. 

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