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Finding Deep Presence in the Midst of Crisis – A Letter from India

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Diyanat Ali, a A Self-Transformation Coach, Leadership Facilitator, Outbound Trainer and Experiential Educator, lives with his wife and children in Hyderabad in South India. He and I first met on Zoom several months ago when he contacted me about joining one of our courses. Already in that first connection, I was deeply moved by his presence, his humility, and his profound reverence and respect for this journey called Life. A few days ago, I reached out to check on his well-being in the face of the dire situation with COVID in India. He replied within hours with a beautiful email letter. I was once again profoundly touched, this time by how he is finding deep presence in the midst of crisis. 

We shared several emails back and forth. With his permission, I share portions of Diyanat’s email letters here for two reasons. First, to share a brief first-person account of the crisis conditions on the ground in India right now. And second, to share his remarkable personal response to what is happening – how he is keeping his own center and finding inner peace even in the face of such difficult times. Through his personal practice, he is tapping into the incredible resilience of the human spirit, choosing to live from a place of conscious intention and expanded awareness.

In response to my check-in email, Diyanat replied: 

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