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“Finding yourself” And What It Means To Employers

Source | LinkedIn : By James Caan CBE

I know that a lot of millennials these days dread the question: Why is there a gap on your CV? Unfortunately, answering “I just went away to find myself” apparently, doesn’t present enough validity for the majority of employers to accept. Before I run the risk of sounding as though I’m an exception, I’m afraid not.

HOWEVER I did go through a similar phase myself (albeit late 30’s) and understand why this could be such a pain for so many candidates.

What I’d like employers to remember is that people may have a gap on their CV for a variety of reasons. Yes, this can include travelling AKA finding your zen… but could also be due to poor health, family reasons or redundancy. Admittedly there can be a tendency amongst some employers to overlook candidates that have noticeable periods of time without work.

Personally, I am always more interested in the abilities and characteristics of an individual – if they haven’t been in work for a while but have the quality my company needs, I will hire them.

However as a candidate you do need to be prepared to answer questions on any gaps in your CV. It is essential to be honest and up front. Trying to lie or bluff your way through isn’t the way to do things and to be perfectly honest, most good hiring managers will see straight through you. Explain whatever circumstances there were .

I answered this particular questions during some chats with Monster a few moons ago. I may be caught a little off guard, but definitely looking a little younger…

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