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First-Time Manager? Here’s How to Be a Supervisor Everyone Wants to Work For

Become the manager you've always wanted

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Your first time in a management position can be overwhelming, whether you’re in charge of one summer intern or a team of 15 seasoned employees. Actually, the truth is, your eighth management position can be overwhelming—because managing direct reports is a serious challenge. There are a lot of moving parts, personalities, and work styles; a lot of demands from above and expectations from below; and then, all the while, you’re juggling your own work responsibilities and aspirations.

Leading a team comes more naturally to some people, but they’re a pretty rare breed. If you wouldn’t consider yourself one of them, know that management and leadership are professional skills that can be learned and improved upon, both through concrete practice and more gradual experience. Brendan Browne, vice president of global talent acquisition at LinkedIn, breaks down the fundamentals of good management that every first-time supervisor should know, the biggest mistakes to avoid, and the best management tips he’s learned over his career.

1. Adopt the most-valued leadership traits.

Recent LinkedIn Learning insights found that the top five qualities people want in a boss are problem solving, time management skills, decisiveness, empathy, and compassion. “Anytime you start a new job there’s an adjustment period, and this is especially true as a first-time manager,” Browne says. “Keep these traits in mind as you’re easing into your role.”

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