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Five Annoying New Interview Questions You’ll Hear In 2017

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan 

I love to hear about employers who are stepping out of the old-fashioned Machine Age mindset to treat their employees and job applicants like valued collaborators.

I am glad to hear those stories, but I am never short of correspondence describing the opposite scenario!

Too many organizations cling to outdated beliefs that damage their employer brands and drive the most talented job-seekers away. Here are some of those archaic beliefs:

1. In the hiring process, employers make all the important decisions. Job-seekers need to impress job-seekers — not the other way around.

2. It is perfectly right and appropriate for employers to ask job-seekers to expose their inner thoughts and fears, including asking the questions “What’s your greatest weakness?” and “What are you working to improve in yourself?”

3. Because employers hold all the power in the hiring equation, it would be outrageous for a job-seeker to ask their interviewer any of the questions they’ve been asked to answer themselves.

4. “Trick” questions like “What kind of zoo animal is most like you?” are wonderful interview questions because they show you how the applicant sees himself or herself.

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