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Five Bad Reasons To Settle For Less Than Your Dreams

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

One silver lining emerging from the disappearing corporate ladder is that all of us have become entrepreneurs, whether we ever wanted to be business owners or not.

We must run our own careers now, and run them like businesses. Nobody’s employment is secure anymore. The unexpected benefit of the disintegration of the corporate ladder is that we are growing new muscles. We are learning to fend for ourselves rather than relying on our employers to keep us afloat until we retire.

If every job is a temporary job — and this is certainly the case today — there is no reason to hitch your wagon to any employer’s star. Back in the old days if you got a secure job with a reputable organization, there might have been compelling reasons to give up on some of your other life goals.

I never heard my dad talk about wanting to do anything different than what he did, publishing business magazines for McGraw-Hill, but if he had other career goals he would have given up a lot to pursue them.


He would have had to walk away from a great job with a fantastic group of people, massive job security and great retirement benefits. The benefits were so good back in those days that my dad was able to take early retirement and open a bed and breakfast with my mom. Who has retirement benefits like that now?

The flip side to a disappearing employment safety net is that if your job is likely to evaporate anyway, you aren’t giving up much by following your passion. The worst thing that can happen if you take the leap to explore a topic you’re excited about is that you might realize you don’t love the topic enough to pursue it all the way. That’s no disaster — it’s just learning.

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