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Five Basic Principles Of Highly Effective Leadership

Source | | Clara Capano

Leadership is not easy. There are a lot of moving parts and a great deal of responsibility. Great leaders don’t just “manage,” they clarify the future for their team and customers.

To help ensure success, here are some principles all great leaders should know.

Create A Shared Vision

A leader must be clear on their vision. They need to define and clarify the direction in which they want the team to go and the process in which they will follow to achieve their vision. It is the job of the leader to communicate this vision to the team clearly and directly to make sure all parties both understand and are committed to that vision.

There are many ways to communicate your vision. You can create a mission statement, post it around the workplace, and share it in company meetings and annual conventions. All things (marketing, communication, culture) need to then support that vision. When the leader is not clear, it will be difficult for others to know what they are working toward.

Ensure Alignment

There is a difference between having great people and having the right people. Alignment comes out of a shared vision. A strong leader knows the difference and works hard to protect the vision by choosing the right team members that will support the team vision.

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