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Five Combination Traits of an Effective Leader

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Have you heard people say that leadership cannot be taught, only learned? Reading books and attending training sessions are definitely good first steps in your commitment to be an effective leader, but those alone do not give you the skills to become one.

Leadership means different things to different people, and you will hear numerous definitions. It could be anything from leading a group of people to influencing others and directing the transformation of an organization.

No matter what your individual preference of what leadership means is, we can all agree on one thing: Great leaders all have specific traits that they display consistently, compared to the mediocre ones.

Like most of the important aspects in life, leadership is not a destination but is a journey, and this journey ends the moment your team stops looking up to you. Effective leaders at various levels of an organization serve the crucial role of ensuring that the employees are motivated, engaged, and appropriately equipped to perform at their best. When everyone performs at their most optimal level, the organization runs efficiently, translating to increased productivity and profitability.

If someone wants to grow into an effective leader, there are several attributes expected from them, some more important than the others. Based on my experiences, the following five “combination traits” – as I call them because 1) They go perfectly together, and 2) To reap the full benefit you need both – are the foundational characteristics of good leadership.

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