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Five Corporate Cultures That Will Suck the Life Out of You

Source | LinkedIn | Richard A. MoranRichard A. Moran is an influencer | Managing Partner at Blue Book Ventures

I have often heard the claim, “We Don’t Have a Corporate Culture Here!!!”

Yes you do. You just won’t admit it. It’s the first indicator of living in a culture that is where fun goes to die. The culture is what you walk into every day. Many academic definitions of corporate cultures exist but there are very simple ways to describe it. It’s the way things are done around here; it’s how decisions are made; it’s what it’s like to work here.  If you walk in with a smile on your face and a spring in your step, that is a culture that should be packaged and spread to a bunch of other companies. If you walk in with a sense of dread and apprehension, it’s a culture that could stand some changes.

When I hear the declaration we don’t have a culture here it could mean several things:

1.     We have a culture here but I don’t like it.

2.     The culture here is changing and I don’t like it.

3.     I refuse to recognize the culture that we have developed here.

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