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By | Terri Klass |

We are all getting accustomed to an ever-changing work world. One day leaders are being asked to commit to a routine of a few days in-person office work and then the next week they are being asked to work completely remotely. Announcements of how and where they should be working often happen at the very last minute. These weekly or even daily changes can cause an incredible amount of uncertainty in our jobs as well as our personal lives. Many leaders are wondering how to navigate these constant pivots without impacting their workflow.

One thing is for sure- our hybrid workplaces can be very challenging to navigate. Some of the frustrations I’ve heard include:

“This is such a confusing work schedule and impossible to plan for.”

“I am feeling so isolated from my team members.”

“Virtual brainstorming is so challenging. I have such a hard time sharing my ideas with the group.”

Recently, Microsoft conducted a global employee survey about the best way to thrive in a hybrid work environment. In this report they cited impactful ways that they have found worked for their teams in hybrid workplaces. Most importantly, it is critical to create a culture of trust and flexibility.

Five Insights To Fortifying Our Hybrid Workplaces

1. Power of Inclusion

Teams are made up of many different personalities, backgrounds and work styles. The most successful and high performing teams stay openminded and welcome different perspectives. The truth is that there is no personality or work style that is better than any other. The key is to identify an individual team member’s style and understand how it might be different from yours. Then, take time to flex to the best way they can receive information and make decisions. Don’t automatically assume your way of working is the only direction to go.

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