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Five Leadership Tips During Executive Turnover

Source | FastCompany : By DAVE ULRICH

This week hasn’t been short on major corporate changes. On Sunday night, Twitter announced that four senior executives are leaving the company. It’s the biggest leadership shakeup since CEO Jack Dorsey took over in order to breathe life back into the social media company. Meanwhile, Staples, which has been quietly closing locations over the past two years as it battles the Federal Trade Commission over its bid to acquire Office Depot, announced a slate of leadership changes on Monday geared to streamlining its business. And to round things off, the Cleveland Cavaliers replaced their head coach despite the best win-loss record in their part of the league.

Top-level leadership changes usually raise questions about an organization’s immediate and long-term future. It can even have a measurable effect on a company’s value and stock pricing. In the aftermath of shakeups like those, people inside and outside a company look to its CEO to learn what to expect.

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