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Five predictions for 2016

Source | LinkedIn : By Karthik Sundaram

Well, here’s my take on what will happen in 2016 (and beyond). Alert: they are all not completely connected, but are fun to outline anyway.

  • India loses the IT services shine to become the Startup Capital of Asia: Gone are the days when the top 20 body shops (yes, that is all they are) could recruit on Day Zero from the largest tech campuses and put fresh graduates to a grinding, mind-numbing services career. Today, India’s fresh graduates are drinking from the hose of entrepreneurship and are shying away from traditional IT jobs, leaning towards building their own start-ups. A large number of them are focusing on building solutions for local problems in India and Asia, and the US/Europe are only secondary markets, if at all. Asia will rise as a powerful influence in the world economy, as Indian startups venture on solving key problems that hinder growth.

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