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Five Questions never, ever to ask at a Job Interview

Source | Liz Ryan ,  CONTRIBUTOR |

It’s important to bring thoughtful questions to any job interview.

You’ve got to ask questions at a job interview for at least three reasons:

1. There are things you have to know about a new job, a manager and a company before you accept a job offer.

2. Your questions will show your interviewer that you’re awake and aware and understand the role you’re interviewing for.

3. Your questions (and your interviewer’s answers) will allow you to respond more effectively to interview questions that are put to you.

You have to have good questions to ask your interviewers at any job interview, but there are also questions you definitely don’t want to ask at an interview. There are questions you can’t ask because if you ask them, it tells the interviewer right away that you’re unprepared for your interview.

You have to do research on the company before you interview with them. You have to read their website and their LinkedIn company page and any other social media presence they’ve got, like a company Facebook page. You have to read their press releases to understand what’s happening in the company, no matter what job you’re applying for.

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