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Five Research-Backed Techniques To Develop High-Performing Leaders

Source | | Kavita Sahai

Leadership in the corporate world seems like something we should have figured out long ago. However, approximately 35% of companies consider their leadership development practices to be below-average or poor. The increase in millennials in the workforce has shone a light on this issue further. In one survey, 93% of millennials reported leaving a company to obtain a new role.

To some, this trend among millennials might seem inconsequential. However, with one in three members of the workforce being a millennial, there is an increasing need to develop them into high-performing leaders.

Whether you manage a company or want to develop yourself as a leader, you should know about these five research-backed techniques to developing high-performing leaders.

1. Develop A Routine

Established work routines have been linked to high-performing managers. Some examples of work routines might include when a team leader checks email, how they tackle tasks, how they prepare for meetings and how they run those meetings. Executing those routines thoughtfully and well can lead to higher team performance, better track records and more engaged teams.

To start, assess your current routines. You can keep a journal or use a time-tracker app to help you understand where most of your time goes. On average, 50% of leaders spend most of their time helping their team rather than working on their own projects — on which they spend about one hour and 45 minutes. Scrutinize each routine to ensure they’re not actually you hopping from one “urgent” task to the next.

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