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Five Tips Leaders Can Use To Communicate Better

Source | | Jorge Gutierrez

Some years back, we were retained to lead a community and business leadership program. My task was to kick off the week by conducting a leadership workshop. The theme was self-awareness, and I sought to help participants answer one central question: Do I really know myself as a leader? This question probes into the very understanding of how an individual prefers to behave in a natural setting. For the most part, the responses normally drive the axiom, “What you see is what you get.”

Throughout the preparation process, three of us debated how we could fill three to four hours with content that would have the most value to everyone involved. Finally, we settled on a concept speech and a motivational leadership video that delivered a compelling message on the societal level; after all, it was an event attended by business and nonprofit organization leaders.

We were careful to rehearse all the areas of our program to ensure that we were covering the subject areas without controversy. What we didn’t factor in was the impact that the video would have on some of the participants. While the responses were overwhelmingly positive, some people didn’t like its message.

The video showed former President Reagan delivering a speech to the nation during a time of conflict. I then addressed the responsibility that leaders have when it comes to understanding the influences of faith and belief systems and the importance of doing so.

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