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Five traits I look for when I hire for leadership roles

By | Sreekanth K Arimanithaya | Global Talent and Enablement Services Leader, EY Global Delivery Services

 I was recently talking to many bright and brilliant minds in my search for great candidates for leadership roles in a new geography. I find such conversations invigorating as they bring together new ideas, pulsating energy, bright vision, and immense passion – all ingredients which drive us each day to be better leaders, as we build a better working world.

 How we evolve as leaders is a topic that often plays on my mind. So, this time, I am listing out what I think are some defined traits that make-up a leader, which deeply connect with me. Let me clarify that these are not market benchmarks; rather, my observations over the years that closely mirrors my experiences.

1.Articulating Purpose: The purpose is the core of everything we do; it drives us and defines us. I often ask people what drives them: their personal purpose or work purpose? People often opt for the latter, and when asked to elaborate, they define the former. This, I assume, is because we are conditioned to articulate the organizational vision to be larger and the individual.

I feel it is important to be vocal about what drives you and then find an organization with a similar ethos. For instance, I am what is often described as a ‘people’s person.’ I thrive in interactions, knowing people, and being involved with activities that positively impact the social circles – my family, teams, organization, and society. 

Being able to have a strong purpose that drives you is the foundation to becoming a great leader.

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