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Five Unmistakable Signs You’re In The Wrong Job

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

When your job is nothing but hassle and trouble, that’s not good either. You need to experience at least a small victory every day in order to keep your mojo supply in good shape. If your job doesn’t give you those victories, it’s not the right job!

When you’re in the right job, there is something to look forward to every day at work. That doesn’t mean that every day doesn’t also bring its irritations, but there are enough engaging and fun things to do on the job (writing code for some people, creating a newsletter for others, and so on) that you get to spend part of each day in the zone.

You deserve that, for your hard work! If you don’t get to exercise your creative muscles at work, you’re in the wrong job.

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If you don’t have at least one or two co-workers who reinforce you and remind you that you are smart and talented, you’re in the wrong job. Nearly every job puts us in contact with people we wouldn’t necessarily have chosen to spend our workdays with, but that’s how we grow — by learning to adapt to people and their viewpoints that differ from our own.

If nobody at your workplace inspires you, laughs at your jokes or appreciates you, you’re in the wrong job!

You are in the wrong job if Sunday evening is painful because you have to think about going to work on Monday morning, and if getting out of bed in the morning makes you feel sick or desperate. Don’t feel bad that you’re in the wrong job. Nearly everyone has been there at least once.

The last unmistakable sign you’re in the wrong job is this: Your body rebels. You might get terrible headaches or develop a persistent cough that won’t go away. You might throw your back out. Mother Nature is the best teacher.

She will send you a nudge when you’re in the wrong job, and if you ignore the nudge she’ll send you bigger and bigger signals until you pay her mind!

You can get out of the wrong job. You can start a stealth job search and be in a new job by mid-summer. Why wait? You deserve a job that grows your flame and makes you happy, not a job that sucks your precious mojo away!

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