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Five ways artificial intelligence changed the workplace in 2019

Source | | Rachel Ranosa

2019 marks another year of rapid development in the world of artificial intelligence.

But while there continues to be much debate over the impact of AI technology on headcount, the more pressing question for HR and workforce managers is how intelligent software can be deployed to augment work today.

HR Tech News has selected the year’s most ground-breaking stories of AI in the workplace.

1. Facial recognition and AI in video interviews

A number of video interview platforms available on the market today focus on scheduling a Q&A with a candidate, recording a clip of the exchange, and forwarding it to the HR team for assessment.

Recruitment tech specialist HireVue, however, takes candidate screening to the next level by combining facial analysis with AI.

The software behind the platform purportedly relies on 25,000 data points taken from the facial expressions, movements and tone of voice of past successful candidates then uses them as a benchmark for screening new applicants. These subtle clues from their interaction with the AI reportedly help determine their suitability to the role.

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