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Five Ways To Be A Better Recruiter In 2016

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

I don’t know if it was ever easy to be a recruiter but it is certainly harder now. Employers are hiring but department managers can be very unrealistic in their expectations. Nobody wants to say to an eager department manager “I will find you someone fantastic, but we have to get rid of half these unnecessary Essential Requirements.”

Department managers want what they want, but you will not succeed as a recruiter unless you find your voice and tell the manager when his or her requirements are unreasonable. That is a much better process than to post job ads and try to find people with all of the goofy requirements listed in the ad. You’ll fail and managers will get frustrated with you.

If there’s going to be a potentially sticky or awkward conversation about what’s reasonable in a job ad, why delay it?

One important way to be a better recruiter in 2016 is to tell the truth to department managers and to candidates. Here are some of the things it can be hard to be completely truthful about when you’re talking with job candidates:

    • It can be hard to talk about money.
    • It can be awkward to answer the candidate’s questions about the job, which can sometimes be very detailed.
  • It can be tough to tell the candidate why it’s taking so long to hear back from a hiring manager.

Everybody is overworked. It would be great if candidates and managers understood how hard you work and could take your heavy workload into account, but they won’t do that unless you fill them in and educate them.

If your job involves contacting candidates who haven’t reached out to you or to your firm, it’s important to remember that you are intruding on a busy person’s day and life. They have a lot of other things to do besides taking your call. The rule to remember in this situation is the Happy Life Rule, which goes like this:

The candidate you approach is already living a happy and fulfilled life without benefit of knowing you. You may feel that you have the greatest job opportunity in the world to offer this candidate, but he or she is in the driver’s seat, because you reached out to him or her. You have to sell the candidate on talking with you before anything else can happen.

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