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Five Ways To Make Your Boss Happy

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

How do you succeed in a new job — or even a job you’ve held for years?

One success factor not to overlook is to align your goals with your manager’s goals.

Here are five ways to make your boss happy.

Making your manager happy, of course, is not the only key to success in your job. Your boss may play an important role in your life on the job or may be a bit player. Every situation is different, but it is never a bad idea to keep your supervisor happy, as long as his or her requirements are reasonable.

Working yourself to death to make an unreasonable manager happy is a poor investment of your time, brain and heart cells. You can only keep that effort up for so long.

If you exhaust yourself trying to keep an overly demanding manager happy, one day your body will rebel and you’ll get sick. You’ll get tired of trying to please a manager who can’t appreciate what s/he’s got.

If that happens, you’ll launch a stealth job search and find a new job that deserves your talents!

If you like your job and want to make your manager’s life easier, here are five ways to do so.

Close The Loop

One of the most common complaints managers have about their employees, no matter how wonderful those employees are, is that team members don’t keep their managers in the loop.

They forget to circle back and say things like “I took care of that issue in Philadelphia” or “The new prices are updated across the website, so you can take that action item off your list.”

Take a minute to let your boss know the status of projects you’re working on. That will reduce the stress level for both of you!

Know Your Company And Your Industry

We never lose the opportunity or the obligation to keep learning more and more about our role at any job. We never reach a point where there is nothing more for us to learn about our employer,  its competitors and its customers, no matter what job title you hold.

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