Five Ways To Stay Motivated As a Young Entrepreneur

Source | Entrepreneur : By Namita Thapar

Staying motivated and driven is one of the easiest topics to deliberate on but truly one of the toughest to actually execute especially when the going gets tough. So what is it that keeps the fire in your belly burning…..unfazed by challenges and disappointments along the way ?

Stay Passionate, Stay Motivated

It is really important to be passionate about your venture, to love what you are creating, to have pride in the significant impact your venture will have on the lives of others. Without this conviction, weathering daily storms which are part of an entrepreneurs life are difficult. There will be many low moments that will lead to self doubt but the passion, conviction and pride in your dreams will ensure you stay the course and stay motivated!

Accept the Failures

Accept that there will be many failures along the way, some may be so humiliating that they may have the danger of crushing your self esteem. Accepting this and internalizing that this has happened to the biggest of leaders, so called celebrities and captains of the industry, mentally prepares you to look at failure positively, learn from it and stay motivated. Always have a ‘ hit by the bus’ or worse case plan ready. If this is a plan that still makes you believe that this is the right venture for you, it will help you stay the course no matter how big the failure along the way.

Build Your Mentor Group

Have a strong group of mentors who are veterans both from your industry and from outside your industry who will disagree with you, challenge you but also pick you up and lift you when the going is tough. Such a group also stands by you when a stereotypical world doesn’t take you seriously at times due to your age. This is also especially important for young women entrepreneurs who need to deal with several stereotypes that can seem unusually unfair at times. Successful women mentors and the value of their handholding in such critical times cannot be emphasised enough!

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