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“Flattening the Diversified Sphere through Digital Inclusivity”​: a Sneak Peek …

By | Sujitesh Das | Concurrent CHRO & Gigstar | Digital Startup Venture Socialist / Partner | Fractional Faculty / Tutor

With every passing day, both the talk and walk around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) has been intensifying. And therefore, it seemed one more attempt in the series, when Dr. Kakoli Sen reached out to me with an invitation to write a piece, in her soon to be published book – ‘Creating a Culture of Diversity & Inclusion in India Inc: Practitioners’​ Speak’, that intends to bring stories of DEI from the corporates to sensitise students, practitioners, enterprises and other stakeholders, about the need and implementation of the same. 

What drew me especially to her note, was the way DEI had been conceptualized as ‘it is all about the legacy we build’​ and then, in follow up conversation, her openness to embrace newer thoughts around this area. And thereafter, my attempt to go beyond the existing literature surrounding ‘Hormonal DEI‘​ (I define this as all those biological dispositions that get socially manifested by chemically fueled hormones within each individual) to ‘Humanly formulated DEI‘​, one of which is anchored around ‘Digital DEI’

I am an equitable believer of the approach of connecting not only ‘theory to practice’​ but also the other way around. Hence, following the latter in principle, I was pleased to pen a bonus chapter that presents ‘Digital DEI‘​ by quoting real-time practices with data and anecdotal evidences as well as enlist the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. In India, we are living some of these real-time – for eg. the divide between the digital haves’​ & have nots’​, when it comes for eg. to the disparate reach of citizens for registration to the Vaccine App (CoWin / ArogyaSetu), inequitable access of students for once in a lifetime board / entrance examination opportunities and so on …

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