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Focus & motivation: Two things I do to maintain them

Source | LinkedIn : By Jack Delosa

Our ability to stay motivated and remain focused are intrinsically linked to how connected we are to the purpose we hold for our lives.

If you’re lacking motivation day to day – perhaps you need to ask yourself, not how can I motivate myself and focus? But how can I realign myself with my purpose to ensure motivation is something that is inherent?

Through my life and in business I use two frameworks to help me consciously remain aligned and on purpose. Ultimately whether you are launching a new business, a senior manager in a corporation, a stay at home parent, a student, an employee in another business, retired, or pursuing a completely different path entirely, these are frameworks that anyone can apply to their life.

Before starting this thinking process, understand that this is not a 10-minute activity. It’s not my intention that you get to the end of this post and have an instant sense oof motivation or focus.

Reflection and planning both take time and constant iteration, however, the most underrated skill of someone who builds a life that is meaningful to them is their ability to do the thinking.

For me, everything I do is a representation of who I am. I don’t need to consciously stay motivated every day because I love the work and I love the challenge.

If you struggle with motivation first ask yourself this question:

Are you congruent and aligned with the work you do every day?

I believe that to do our life’s best work we need to achieve alignment between life and work. This alignment is born from the symbiosis between our heart, our head and our hand.

Heart – Who you are at your core? What’s the highest intention you hold for your life? What’s the legacy you want to leave or the contribution you want to make? What brings you joy?

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