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Food For Thought: Where are all the women CEOs?

Source | Linkedin | Natalie MacDonald |News Editor at LinkedIn

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Did you know that just 11 ASX200 companies have a female chief executive? (incidentally the same number as those led by a man named “Michael”). If your name is Andrew, you are 27% more likely to lead an ASX200 listed company than any female.

Last week, I appeared on Weekend Today (see above or here) to discuss the record number of female CEOs now leading Fortune 500 companies. As of 1 June, 33 of the highest-grossing firms in the United States have a woman in the top job.

But let’s look further down the career ladder. While the number of female CEOs in Australia has grown just 1% in the last five years, research shows the number of senior female managers has risen 4.4%, indicating that there’s still a bottleneck in the pipeline when it comes to seeing that talent flow through from middle management into executive leadership positions.

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