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For Esther Perel, Work Is Personal ― And The Topic Of Her Brand-New Podcast

An interview with the "How's Work?" podcast host and popular therapist

Source | | Monica Torres

For author and psychotherapist Esther Perel, work is personal, like any other close relationship.

Perel, who has practiced in New York City for 35 years, made a name talking about how we navigate personal relationships by ourselves and in therapy. Her TED Talks on romantic relationship woes like infidelity and the secret to desire in long-term relationships have been viewed, in total, more than 28 million times.

In her new podcast starting this November, she’s turning her attention to professional relationships. Each episode of “How’s Work?” is a one-time therapy session between Perel and various co-founders, members of family businesses and partners with a thriving operation but deteriorating relations on the job.

In her prologue episode, Perel notes how each of us learns a set of messages in childhood that influences how we work. In a later episode, for example, that showcases two company co-founders who are splitting up, it’s clear that one of them makes business choices based on his family’s relationship to money when he was young.

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