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Forget US, you need reskilling to keep your job in India: R Chandrasekhar, Nasscom

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In an interview with ET Now, R Chandrasekhar, Nasscom , says while India accounts for 70% of US H1-B visas, Indian IT companies account for less than 15% of the visas but definitely the move on green card applicants will impact India.

Edited excerpts:

What is your view on the latest proposal from the Trump government on H1-B Visa holders turning green card applicants? How prepared is Indian IT as a sector to handle a situation wherein almost five lakh Indians are going to be perhaps sent home? 

This is one more in a series of steps which the US has been taking in the past one year to slowly tighten the entire regulatory regime around visa — whether it is in terms of raising the fee or imposing more restrictions. Essentially what they are now saying is that in the past when visa holders applied for green card and the application was accepted, then the extension of the visa was automatic. But now they have declared that the adjudicating official can decide not to extend it which basically means that the person would be out of a visa status and would have to return because there would not be any valid H1 visa and there would not be a green card. But having said that, this is only enabling provision. It is not as if tomorrow morning, all of them will be denied an extension and would be asked to go home.

The core of the problem is the shortage of skills in the US and if half a million Indian visa workers, that too high skilled workers and mind you this is not just IT, this is also medical and a lot of other skilled professionals also. The biggest damage would be first to the US economy, and of course obviously India would also be impacted the most because 70% of H-1B visas are taken by Indians. Indian IT companies actually account for less than 15% of the visas.

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