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Forward integration of careers

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Many of you would have expanded your roles either by taking up additional responsibilities or by adding new tasks to your current roles. And you would surely have found great satisfaction in your career because of this. Congratulations to you for the gift you gave yourselves.

I want to share experiences of two of my friends; they also did the same as many of you – I call this endeavour as forward integration of careers.


The first story is about Raj, a young man working in an IT company as Head of Compensation and Benefits (C&B).

He had two options –

to continue working as C&B Head for larger and larger companies and become a specialist in C&B


to expand his role to become Head of HR.

He chose the latter.

As the first step, Raj took additional responsibility of managing HR Operations that involved owning up of HR processes for India.

The next step for him was to understand how HR shared services, a new concept at that time, are run. He opted to take up this additional responsibility too and participated in his company’s shared service operations in an overseas location, even when continuing to manage his existing responsibilities. In addition, he started studying and acquiring international certifications in various areas of HR.

Now he was prepared to take up the job of Head of HR. But to do this, he had to leave his job in his company where he was an established high performer. He took this decision to change his organisation and join a smaller company as Head of HR. His goal to become Head of HR was achieved.

Raj did not stop at that. Here comes an interesting part about what he did next.

He started studying more about HR’s role in contributing to individual employees. He found that he should learn something new that will enable him to do his role better.

He felt that the real role of the Head of HR was to identify the strength of every individual in the company and to nurture it.

Raj started learning the science of mentoring and coaching. He spent time in learning some new things such as NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming: an approach to personal development using the “model” skills of exceptional people).

He dabbled into some unusual learning such as hypnosis, even Eastern and Western astrology.

I am sure in times to come, Raj will package all this learning into something that will make him ready for the next leap.

I congratulate him for working on his forward integration efforts.


Let me now speak about one more friend of mine, Dr Ashok. Ashok is a general practitioner and gets to meet hundreds of patients as part of his profession. At some point, Ashok felt that he should plan a forward integration of his role.

He thought, “I am keeping the bodies of my patients in good shape. But my patients are more than a body; they have minds, they have hearts, they have souls. Can I not do something about these?”

This gave Ashok a totally new opportunities. He started studying these topics.

The conversations with patients changed from “How’s the fever now?” to “How well are you performing today?”

He studied about family conflicts and started marriage counselling.

He observed work-stress in many of his patients and started taking workshops on work-life balance.

He started taking sessions on happiness and on performance excellence.

He started studying philosophy and old scriptures and started giving tips on building SQ (Spiritual Quotient).

I have no hesitation in saying that not in a distant future, Ashok will become a role model for many physicians.

Republished with permission and originally published at Prabodh Sirur’s Linkedin

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