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Fostering This Trait Is One of the Hardest Things for Leaders to Get Right

Customers expect companies to follow through on their commitments. You feel the same way about your team. So how do you foster a culture of accountability?

By | Nicholas Leighton |

As a  owner, your customers want to know that their vendors and partners are working to deliver exactly what was promised on time. That’s why driving a  and mindset of accountability comes with significant benefits for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, many business owners struggle with driving accountability on their teams. Here are some of the best practices for running an accountability-focused organization.

1. Accountability starts and ends with you

People naturally strive to model themselves after those around them. As the leader of your organization, it’s important to set a good example when it comes to accountability. Leaders who fail to keep their commitments or own their responsibilities will send the wrong message to their teams, giving employees little reason to be accountable themselves.

As you model good, accountable behavior, your employees will take notice. It’s also critical for business owners to understand that they are accountable for holding their team accountable.

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2. Establish rules around accountability

Accountability means something different to each person. Be sure to clarify what accountability means to you as the business owner and what rules employees are expected to follow. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to define accountability within your organization, but here are some guidelines to get you started:

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