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Four Lessons I’ve Learned Working With an Elite Startup Accelerator

Source | FastCompany : BY RAAD AHMED

There’s no shortage of discussion in the startup world about accelerators—why to work with one, how to get in, life after demo day, whether they’re sort of a scam, and so on, ad nauseum. But the bottom line—from my experience and in the opinions of many entrepreneurs—remains that if a good one lets you in, you do it.

The question that’s far more important than those others, though, is about how thetop accelerators manage to convert scrappy companies into major players, unicorns or otherwise.

With a dismal acceptance rate of less than 3%, we knew that getting LawTrades into500 Startups would mean something big for our future. To put that into perspective, consider Harvard’s more promising acceptance rate of 5.1%.

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