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Four levers to scale AI in 2020

Source | Pascal BORNET | Digital McKinsey Leader – AI, Automation and Digital Innovation – Global LinkedIn Top Voice in Tech

Back 5 to 10 years ago, 4 key trends made Artificial Intelligence (AI) more accessible to companies: (1) improved processing power, (2) reduced costs for data storage and processing, (3) expanding data availability, and (4) improved techniques, like the emergence of deep learning.

But today, according to the recent McKinsey Global AI Surveyonly 30% of companies have been able to use AI across multiple business units or functions. Scaling AI appears to be a challenge.

>> Scaling AI has become the holy grail that all organizations are trying to reach

In this article, I will share 4 new trends to help scale AI. These trends are also levers that anyone can use to increase the speed and scope of their own AI transformations. It is about moving from pilots and proofs-of-concepts, to large scale productions delivering the expected impact to employees, clients, leadership and society. These levers are on top of the more traditional levers including necessary Management support, vision, strategy, and leading practices in education, change management, and program management.

1. Democratization of AI: AI accessible to more people

Democratization of AI is about using technologies which require limited skills to design and build AI programs. With this, all employees in a company can be empowered to build the AI programs to help their day-to-day work activities: freeing up their time from repetitive tasks, while enabling them to solve more complex tasks and drive more insights. You probably heard about some trendy words like citizen developers, low code, and no code programs.

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