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Four Qualities You Need To Be An Impactful Leader In The 21st Century

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A tsunami is coming – and it will fundamentally challenge the way we currently do business.

Senior executives may disagree on the form this tsunami will take. For some, it will be primarily technological in nature, as automation and artificial intelligence shape the future of jobs. Others argue it will be social and societal, as angry public opinions shape electoral outcomes and drive policy changes. Others, still, contend this tsunami is environmental, as it redefines the constraints businesses face when it comes to managing resources and supply chains.

But senior executives concur on one thing: this coming wave will be transformative. And if history is a guide to the future, there will be winners and losers.

These executives will need to reinvent their business environment and their toolboxes in order to surf the wave, avoid being swept under by this onrushing tsunami, and strive for impact in this complex global landscape.

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