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Four quick steps to make your employee engagement plan yield better retention, ETHRWorld |

<p>Marietta Harvey, Vice President and Global Head - Employee Experience, Enquero - A Genpact Company</p>
Marietta Harvey, Vice President and Global Head – Employee Experience, Enquero – A Genpact Company

By Marietta Harvey

Taking a proactive approach toward employee engagement has become crucial for organizations in today’s business climate. Organizations are continuously reinventing their business models to keep up. And employees are at the centre of such changes. Hence, employee engagement must become a constantly evolving process as well. In a world where talent retention isn’t easy, injecting methods that can be measured and adjusted would enhance overall organizational growth and encourage brand loyalty.

Nowadays, your workforce is better informed, and compensation is a mere equalizer. Employees crave an environment where they can grow uninhibited. Here are four strategies you can adopt to keep your employees enthusiastic about their work.

Lead with a purpose

When you spend one-third of your day working, it is only fair to wonder about its purpose. The current workforce yearns for meaningful, autonomous work that gives a sense of professional fulfilment. Hence, induct employees into a project by stating the impact the project aims to drive and how they can contribute to the bigger picture. Today’s digital natives empower their employees with cross-functional training, free access to learning platforms, and mentor connection. But these are only part of the solution. You must set up dedicated teams that can seamlessly…

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