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four things we’ve learned from mental health support | Sam Lathey

There are many similarities between financial wellbeing and mental health, but there are also key differences employers need to recognise, writes Sam Lathey.

The time of financial wellbeing is here, not least because of the global pandemic and the current cost-of-living crisis.

However, it has lagged behind mental wellbeing in terms of employee access. In some ways this is useful, as there are clear lessons that businesses can apply from their work on mental wellbeing to shortcut success with financial wellbeing.

But I’d argue that there are also four key areas where lessons can be learnt, three of which relate to stigma, and the fourth around the types of financial wellbeing solutions that organisations can implement.

1. A common lexicon for sharing personal stories

Could you easily find the right words to describe your mental health or your money situation?

It can be difficult to communicate these complex areas, and with money there’s still a tendency towards black or white thinking, for example being ‘good with money’ versus being ‘bad with money.’

However, with mental health there’s more nuance. For example, it’s accepted and understood when people say they’re having a bad day or struggling with their mental health.

Shared language is essential when combating stigma because it gives people confidence that they won’t be shamed for sharing, and that they will be understood clearly.

The cost-of-living crisis has opened up the conversation about…

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