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Four Ways To Boost Customer Experience (And Thus Hold Onto Your Clients)

Source | | Ryanne Van Der Eijk

It’s common sense, of course – every single interaction your customers have with your company will influence their opinion of you, and in turn will influence your brand positively or negatively. That overall experience will guide the customer’s decision to return to you and it will improve the likelihood of them providing referrals that will lead to even more business for your company.   

To remain competitive and ensure sustainable growth, it is therefore vital that every area of your business focuses on customer satisfaction as a priority. Let’s now take a look at four things you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to providing the right experience to your customers. 

1. Map out the customer journey from A-Z

It all starts here. Thinking about your customer experience isn’t just about the onboarding stage. It’s vital to consider their journey every step of the way– from start to finish.

So, as a first step, do just that. Identify the exact journey of your customer– from the prospect stage (when they are not yet even a customer), to the signup process, through to the first few weeks or months, and then onwards throughout the entire lifecycle. Map out every possible touchpoint and ask yourself if you have it all covered to the highest standards. The best way to do this is to put yourself in the shoes of the customer and go through the journey yourself. That way you are sure to know exactly where things are strong and where they could use improvements.

Use your customer’s journey to build a “customer experience manual” for your employees: Once you are clear on what it takes to deliver excellence and forge long-lasting customer relationships, ensure all employees involved in the many customer experience touchpoints know what their specific responsibilities are. Do build a manual for it, and wherever possible build it all into the workflow so that it does not even have to be considered- that is, it simply gets done.

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