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Fresh Views – Are you noticing the dance?

Source | LinkedIn : By Shankar Thayumanavan

In fact, the whole world is dancing. Always !

In the Hindu tradition, the cosmic dance of Shiva symbolises the interplay of dynamic and static divine energy flow. In Chinese philosophy.. yin and yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent. In the “Tao of Physics” Fritzhof Capra draws a parallel between Shiva’s dance and the dance of subatomic particles !

To quote Jim Ferrel, “In all your relationships with parents, siblings, neighbors, coworkers, strangers, partners, children, bosses, enemies, and friends, there is movement and energy; in each of them you are dancing” .

That said, what does this mean for you in your business? There is a continuous dance happening between organisational strategic priorities and changing customer expectations, between employers goals & needs, employees expectations & the environmental demands.

The question is “Are you alive to this dance?” Can this recognition help you transform your business and take you away from a transactional focus?

Here are a few steps outlined that may help you..

Be deeply aware of core purpose : Explore deeply, reconnect to your core purpose, and accept that you’re going through a state of renewal and transformation in an effort to revitalize and evolve yourself, your partners (employees, customers, resources, etc.), your business, and your community.

Be deeply genuine: Great dancers always brings out their genuine self and effortlessly connect with others & engage them. Likewise, the more as a leader you are anchored in your authentic self, the greater is your ability to connect & engage.

Be deeply aware of partners’ thought process : Knowing what influences your partners, what direction are they used to traveling, why do they follow certain patterns helps you respond with complete awareness of the implications of any missteps. This is the secret behind a delightful dancing duet !

Be ready to let go of past habits: Letting go of the past habits and being curious, adaptive to emerging possibilities is the real art. Your past habits can constrain you and make you fixated. Rather you need to learn to be free flowing !

Be ready to visualise, sense & adapt : The most complicated dance poses are an outcome of a fertile imagination. Similarly an end state in business however complex it may be has to be vividly imagined. In the process of realising this dream you have to continuously sense the customer perceptions and adapt.

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