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Fresh Views – Who am I ?

Source | LinkedIn : By Shankar Thayumanavan

We live in a world that is obsessed with identity. We classify ourselves by the color of our skin, the color of our hair, our age, our weight, our height, our experiences, our preferences and perhaps the brands that we represent. While these identities may define who we are in this world, who are we really?

Can I invite you to do a reality check of whether we know ourselves? Kindly follow the conversation below between a Master (M) and his Disciple (D)

D – I want to change the way people think, they seem to be confused !

M – Who wants this change?

D – I want the change

M – Who is the “I” you are referring to?

D – Well, “I “am your disciple..

M – That’s your role, who are you?

D – “I” am Shankar..

M – That’s your name, who are you?

D – Well, “I” am a man, 5 ft 9 inches tall, 72 kgs by weight..

M – You just mentioned your gender and your physical dimensions, who are you?

D – “I” am an affable personality

M – That’s your personality type, who are you?

D – “I” am a human being..

M – That’s your species, who are you?

D – Well “I” know..”I” know.. “I” am the spirit, God, the eternal being, Atman ..

M – Those are other names like “Shankar”, who are you?

D – Sir, “I” don’t know, please tell me who am “I” ?

So who is this “I”. What relevance does knowing this “I” have for us change makers? Well everything !!

We often talk about leadership authenticity. And authenticity means being “original”. Original has its roots in “origin” pertaining to the beginning of something.

And that beginning is the exactly the “I” which the disciple realises he is not aware of in the conversation with his master.

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