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From Manager To Leader: 6 Most Important Skills For The Future

Source | | Chris Westfall

Over the last five years, the nature of work has changed dramatically – and the future of work requires these six vital skills. The path from manager to leader is layered with multiple challenges, including new technologies, a disconnected workforce, and changing employee expectations. If you aspire to inspire, and take your career to the next level, accessing new leadership skills (in the context of the future of work) is a great way to prepare yourself for what’s next.

The greatest mistake you can make in life is continually fearing you will make one.

Elbert Hubbard, Writer

In order to lead more effectively, regardless of your current title or position, there’s a new language you need to understand. (The six critical elements are outlined below). Because the way you communicate will teach people how to treat you, how to pay you and yes, how to follow your ideas as a leader. Peter Drucker said, “Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.” Elevating your career means understanding how to communicate in new ways, and these six skills will help you to be positioned for new opportunities:

  1. Creativity – In a survey conducted by IBM, over 1500 leaders around the world were asked about the number one quality they look for in leaders. That number one quality? Creativity. The report, called Capitalizing On Complexitysaid that “In an uncertain and volatile world CEOs realize that creativity trumps other leadership characteristics.” Creative leaders are comfortable with ambiguity and experimentation. They invite disruptive innovation, encourage others to drop outdated approaches and take balanced risks. What’s the most creative thing you’ve done in your career? What are you creating right now, for yourself, your team, your organization? Creativity doesn’t just mean arts and crafts – finding creative solutions to today’s problems is key to the future of work.

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